Thursday, February 26, 2009


R and I have been dreaming of visiting Israel together ever since I got back from my first trip there (with a group of photographers) 3 years ago. Finally, after assessing our financial situation and realizing that we can probably afford it, we booked our tickets.

I'm going back to Israel!

Van Dyke Print - Visitors to the Western Wall
A Van Dyke Brown print from the last time I was in Israel: Abbey Road meets the Western Wall.

And I apologise for my lack of cooking lately, but life has been crazy. I just did a job for Pepsi, and now I'm working on the new Toronto guidebook for Frommer's (I'll share some images from that sometime soon). And we just got back from visiting R's parents for a week in Portland, OR. I love that city. They love a lot of the things that I love: Interior design, coffee, used bookstores, crafting, and trees as tall as skyscrapers.

Stumptown Cafe

Coffee tasting at the Stumptown Annex
A coffee tasting at the Stumptown Annex on SE Belmont St in Portland, OR.

So that's all from here for now. If any of you have been to Israel and know of some good places to eat in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and up north, let me know!

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trudy4 said...

Was in Israel two years ago.Since my husband is handicaped we stayed at the Hilton and ate there. The hotel provided us with daily newspapers daily. There were many good restaurant advertisements in the papers. My daughter and her family are planning to go this summer. Both of our husbands are Israelis.