Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Challah. Holla!

Yes, I made my first challah on the weekend. I cheated a bit and made the dough in my bread machine, but I braided and baked it myself. The texture was fantastic but it wasn't as egg-y as I was expecting it to be. I think that I need a better recipe. I'm not even happy enough with this one to post a recipe at all. But I will share the video that I used to figure out how the HECK I was supposed to make a six-braid challah:

That was definitely helpful, but even after that I had to get R to help me with it because I couldn't wrap my brain all the way around the idea. I'm too used to braiding hair. Braiding bread is pretty different!

challah.  holla!

I've been pretty busy in the kitchen lately, but I've been busy everywhere so it's hard to find the time to post about my creations. We're leaving for a trip to the Cloud Forests in Costa Rica on Monday, but I'll try to squeeze another post in before then.


Chocolate Shavings said...

Your challah looks great, I really want to try making it at home!

Margelit said...


The best bread machine challah recipe I've found is in the Kosher Palette. I add more sugar, salt and flour than they recommend, but you do whatever works with your bread machine.

All the best!
Margelit Hoffman